• Carrie M. Goldstein

Capstone Project

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

C. Cachette is a woman owned e-Commerce retail organization. This organization distributes and provides private label design of women’s lingerie, swim and shapewear. Carrie Marie Goldstein, owner of Cachette, incorporated in 2016 with intentions to design lingerie for the 21st century woman. Cachette has recently coined the Empowered Lingerie Enthusiast (ELE) movement for women.

In April 2019, Cachette surveyed fifty women for an ongoing Capstone research project. Three particular surveys (online, face-to-face, and focus group) asked women to define empowerment. As part of a new strategy to put audiences before the brand, Cachette evaluated customers’ learning styles through these three surveys. Cachette’s research suggested a strong connection between lingerie and learning styles. We found that our customers were primarily Kinesthetic and Visual learners. In interactions with our customers, visual learners always said style and color was most important, while Kinesthetic learners always valued the fabric and material. From this research, Cachette developed strategies to connect with each type of customer.

KEYWORDS: ELE, Empowered Lingerie Enthusiast, Empowerment, Kinesthetic and Visual Learning Styles

Cachette Capstone Project